D52 Evangelism: DEVOTE


The first "D" of the evangelistic tool D52 is DEVOTE. Evangelism starts with your personal relationship with God. Make your spiritual life a priority by DEVOTING yourself to God, His purposes and His ways. 

We encourage you to pick a month where you can commit to start. Then, we encourage you to set a time each day where you can commit to reading over the devotional for the day. Each devotional should take 10-15 minutes. 


This week's devotionals are written by Paul Johnson, CNBC National Team Leader for Church Strengthening. Here is what Paul says about this week's devotionals: 

"Today we'll start a series of Devos on Mission. One danger with Devo: we become pietists but not activists. Spiritual, not missional. Jesus was both, balanced between the Get Alone and Get Active rhythms of life...hopefully as we "get happy in Jesus" we get active with him too. Not like Jonah, our Devo for this week. To get you started, here is a creative overview of Jonah, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLIabZc0O4c." 

DAY 1 "Devo is Jonah 1.1-6 this morning, friend, a weeklong character study of a rebellious believer..." Click for more.

DAY 2 "Devo is Jonah 1.7-17 this morning, friend..." Click for more.

DAY 3 "Devo is Jonah 2 this morning, friend..." Click for more

Day 4  "Devo is Jonah 3 this morning, friend...." Click for more

Day 5 "Devo is Jonah 4 this morning, friend..." Click for more


Day 1: The Role of Prayer in Personal Discipleship, Part 1

Day 2: The Role of Prayer in Personal Discipleship, Part 2

Day 3: The Most Unexpected Moment

Day4: Restricted Area: Access Granted

Day 5: It's Not Enough to Talk About Jesus


This week we get to hear from Paul Johnson, again. (These devotionals are part of a discipleship tool Paul created called "Devo." If you would like more information about Devo, email Paul HERE.) 

Here is what Paul says about this week's devotionals: "So often, we refuse to be missionaries. Christians can be reluctant, even rebellious when they hear the call of God to take the gospel to the world. What to do? Fix our eyes on Jesus. That's this weeks' Devo: Jesus on Mission. We'll walk beside him. Be his companion. Listen. Watch. Absorb. And "get happy in Jesus," watching him at work.

Day 1: "Our Devo today is John 4.1-8, friend..." Click here for more.

Day 2: "Devo today is John 4.9-15..." Click here for more. 

Day 3:  "Our Devo today is John 4.16-26, friend, getting us halfway through the story..." Click here for more.

Day 4:  "Devo this morning is John 4.27-38..." Click here for more. 

Day 5: "Devo this morning is John 4.39-42, friend..." Click here for more.


DAY 1: Click here. 

DAY 2: Click here.

DAY 3: Click here.

DAY 4: Click here.

DAY 5: Click here.


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