D52 Evangelism 2020

Who’s Your ONE? is an evangelistic movement that encourages every pastor, leader and church member to actively engage in sharing their faith. Centred around prayer and the study of scripture, this campaign leads each believer to engage lostness, one person at a time.

Who’s Your ONE? Who is the one person in your life that does not have a personal relationship with the Lord? As Christ followers under the Great Commission, we constantly want to be asking this question, so much so, that it becomes a way of life.

Our CNBC evangelism team wants to offer you a helpful tool for reaching your Who’s Your ONE? vision in 2020. We want to help you identify and share with your ONE through a lifestyle of intentional, missional living. We encourage you to utilize the evangelistic tool, D52, created by Cesar Parra, national team leader for evangelism and missions. If Who’s Your ONE? is our evangelistic vision, D52 is our “how-to guide.”

D52 invites you to:

  1. DEVOTE your life to God.
  2. DIRECT your life to lostness.
  3. DEVELOP relationships.
  4. DECLARE the Gospel.
  5. DISCIPLE those you share with, especially those who repent and believe in Jesus!

Each month we will introduce one of the five “D’s.” We hope to provide a useful framework for churches all across Canada to encourage their members in an evangelistic lifestyle. During the five months, we will share the key idea and its implications and provide helpful resources for implementation.

Keep an eye out for upcoming CNBC News emails and social media posts.


It all starts with your personal relationship with God. God cares just as much about doing a work IN you as He does about doing a work THROUGH you. Make your spiritual life a priority by DEVOTING yourself to God, His purposes and His ways. In prayer, ask for the Holy Spirit to help you in this journey. Ask for help in identifying your ONE. Begin praying Colossians 4:3–4.


We cannot share the Gospel with lost people if we do not know lost people. We want you to intentionally direct your life to lostness. In doing so, the Holy Spirit will reveal your ONE. Think about the rhythms already present in your everyday life. Do you visit the same coffee shop or grocery store weekly? Maybe you see the same people at the gym each day. Your ONE might be a neighbour, a barista, or a fellow gym goer! It might be uncomfortable at first, but we encourage you to seek specific ways that your life can intersect with lostness. Do you have lost neighbours you could invite over for dinner? Are there opportunities in your community for you to volunteer amongst lost people? Joining community events is a great way to DIRECT your life to lostness.


Next, we encourage you to think through how you can DEVELOP a deeper relationship with your ONE. Create opportunities to build the relationship by inviting your ONE over for a meal, or spend time doing other activities that would allow you to get to know each other better. Jesus demonstrated this by initiating an encounter with Zacchaeus in Luke 19. Find out what your ONE enjoys and show a genuine interest in their life. Consider how you might tangibly express your love for them. While you do so, begin looking for opportunities to have spiritual conversations.


Missional living is not enough. At some point, we each have to be ready to open our mouth and DECLARE the good news of the Gospel. You might want to spend some time practising giving a clear and concise Gospel presentation. Dr Susan Booth’s “God’s Story” is a great evangelistic tool to practise and use. As you declare, remember to include God, man, sin, Jesus, repentance, faith and an invitation. An invitation gives your ONE an opportunity to respond. Always remember to contextualize the Gospel. Study the example of Jesus and the Samaritan woman in John 4. Ultimately, trust the Spirit of God to lead you and guide you. There is nothing to fear—Jesus is our backup!


Evangelism and discipleship go hand in hand. Play an active part in God pursuing your ONE by DISCIPLING them! If your ONE responded by making a faith decision, make sure you have a plan in place for training them in godliness. You’ll want to assure them of their salvation, get them connected to a church, help them learn to read the Bible and invite them to be baptized. Most importantly, you’ll want to encourage them to begin sharing their decision to follow Christ with others. Show them how they too can have a ONE. If your ONE did not respond in faith, no worries. Keep demonstrating Christ’s relentless pursuit of them by loving them and investing in them. And don’t forget to continue to DECLARE. It might take many times of hearing the truth before they choose to respond.