Cooperative Program


The Cooperative Program (CP) is an avenue of directing our resources to effectively share Jesus in Canada, North America and around the world. The CNBC mission, “Giving ourselves away,” takes shape as we individually tithe through our local churches. The churches, in turn, contribute a percentage of their budgets through the CP. 

The CP finances evangelism, church planting, church strengthening ministries and missions across Canada and around the world.

Funding that comes through the CP provides a portion of the support for all of our CNBC International career missionaries. The majority of funding for these missionaries comes from the international missions’ portion of the Global Mission Offering and offerings designated for international missions. These missionaries are not required to solicit funds for their salaries or field expenses. This enables them to devote their entire time and energy to their missionary endeavours while being assured of secure, regular, long-term funding.


The CNBC partners with the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) in the United States and has benefitted greatly from their generous support of our vision to see 1,000 churches by the year 2020. Southern Baptists established the CP in 1925 and it functions as the primary funding resource for our world missions thrust. Canadian Southern Baptists, now called the Canadian National Baptist Convention, formed in 1985 and adopted the CP as its primary vehicle to carry out the Great Commission.


Cooperative giving is a wonderful opportunity for our oldest and youngest, largest and smallest churches to contribute to God’s work in Canada, North America and around the world!  Every church that gives through CP participates in a comprehensive world missions movement.


  • You help support national and international career and student missionaries. The CNBC partners with the International Mission Board (IMB) and the North American Mission Board (NAMB) to support thousands of missionaries.

  • You provide a new pastors’ orientation to equip new pastors with CNBC resources, to share our vision and to meet the staff and other new pastors.

  • You provide leadership training for CNBC churches and leaders through regional equipping conferences and seminars.

  • You provide an annual Oasis weekend retreat for ministry couples. Oasis provides rest renewal and refreshment both spiritually and physically.

  • You support disaster relief through Canadian Global Response (CGR). CGR is a largely volunteer based charity for disaster relief, community development, and the alleviation of poverty.

  • You support the Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary & College (CSBS&C), helping to keep the tuition costs at a reasonable level as they train and equip pastors and leaders for ministry.

  • You support the CNBC Horizon, a publication that is an important communication tool for the CNBC

  • You support church planting. In Canada, new churches are planted every year. We currently have almost 400 CNBC churches; by the year 2020 our hope is to see 1,000 healthy, reproducing churches.

  • You support the national support staff working at the CNBC office.

  • You enable the CNBC to give grants to churches to help them accomplish their mission.

  • You support national and regional ministry leaders who help strengthen churches.

  • You provide resources to strengthen churches.