CP at Work: National Support Staff

Because You Give... 

The staff at the CNBC office is hard at work to provide you with the latest information in regards to all that is happening within the CNBC. We seek to covenant together to give ourselves away to advance the Kingdom of God. 

The staff assists in publications, communication, finances, group insurance, church grants, evangelism, discipleship, curriculum needs, church planting, missions, the annual convention, and other national events.

The next time you receive an email, need assistance with finances, read the CNBC Horizon or see posts on social media, know that CNBC staff is always working behind the scenes to keep you informed and help meet your needs. 

If you need assistance and don’t know who to call, please call any of our national staff and they will be glad to assist you.

We encourage you to keep on participating in our Cooperative Program, so the CNBC can keep investing in the Kingdom of God.