CP at Work: Orientation for New Pastors


Because You Give ...

The CNBC provides an orientation for New Pastors each spring. The purpose of the event is to acquaint new pastors or pastoral staff with the vision, mission and values of the CNBC. It also allows pastors to learn about CNBC resources and meet the national staff and other new pastors.

Pastors learn about the four main emphases of the CNBC:
  • Evangelism

  • Church Strengthening

  • Church Planting

  • Missions

New pastors also receive information related to finances, missions, our seminary, leadership development and much more.

Because you give through the Cooperative Program, the CNBC is able to meet with these new pastors, helping to equip them as they work towards giving themselves away for the Kingdom of God.


We encourage you to keep on participating in the Cooperative Program
so the CNBC can keep investing in the Kingdom of God.