CP at Work: Because You Give


Because you give through the Cooperative Program:

  • Future leaders are trained at low-tuition costs at Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary and College

  • There are over 10,000 missionaries serving in North America and around the world

  • Unreached, unengaged people groups can hear about Christ

  • International career missionaries do not have to raise financial support

  • In one year, through our partnership with the International Mission Board of the SBC, 1.7 million people heard about Jesus

  • Missionaries trained 23,000 nationals to start churches

  • Missionaries helped start 6,200 churches around the world

  • High school and university students spend their summers on mission across Canada

  • Our churches multiply their limited resources to be a part of ministry all over the world

  • CNBC can offer online training and enrichment through e-quip.net

  • We are better together and can accomplish more than we ever could separately


We encourage you to keep on participating in the Cooperative Program,
so the CNBC can keep investing in the Kingdom of God.