CP at Work: CGR


Because You Give ...

Canadian Global Response (CGR) is a registered charity for disaster relief, community development, and the alleviation of poverty. It is largely volunteer based to maximize the use of resources for the benefit of the poor and needy of our global community. CGR adheres to and trains others in the Sphere project initiative. It abides by the humanitarian charter and minimum standards in humanitarian response, with the belief that people have the right to life with dignity.

Canadian Global Response uses a holistic approach to relief and development programs in alleviating poverty by enabling individuals and communities to achieve a dignified, sustainable, and reproducible solution to their needs.

Canadian Global Response envisions the global community demonstrating love in action in times of crisis, acting justly in love and humility, sharing blessings with the destitute, the poor and the needy.

 “Live with a Purpose” 

 We encourage you to keep on participating in our Cooperative Program, so the CNBC can keep investing in the Kingdom of God.

Better together ...