Connecting: Who are we in the CNBC?

By Gerry Taillon
Who are we in the CNBC? What drives us? What is key to our growth from 53 churches in 1985, when we started the convention, to the over 400 churches that we have today? What has always been part of our DNA that continues to influence us and propel us in the future?

Five values make us who we are in the CNBC. Every one of them is essential to our identity and without all five working in unison we would not be the family of churches we are today.

The CNBC is unapologetically passionate about evangelism and international missions. For some, evangelism and missions is old-fashioned and out of date. Not for us. It is the driving force and the ultimate preoccupation of our family of churches. We believe in the Great Commission as the primary marching orders for the church and the denomination. People need a personal relationship with Jesus in Canada and around the world. Every person, regardless of where they live or what people group or religion they are a part of, must have an opportunity to hear and respond to the Gospel. Sharing the Gospel is our highest priority and anything that seeks to replace that primary focus is a distraction from our critical mission.

The CNBC is absolutely committed to planting churches across Canada and around the world. We believe that every CNBC church must be involved in starting new churches to extend the Kingdom of God. God has called us to invest in His Kingdom by planting churches wherever He leads us to start them. Our desire is to see a church planting movement spread across Canada and around the world. The church is God’s primary vehicle to advance the Kingdom of God and church planting is the best strategy to cooperate with God to share the good news with every person on
this planet.

The CNBC is theologically conservative and stable. We have always held the conviction that the Bible is our ultimate source of divine instruction. We believe it has God for its author, salvation for its end and truth, without any mixture of error. It will remain the supreme standard by which all human conduct, creeds and religious opinions should be tried. We understand that it may not be appreciated by current world trends and political correctness, but we hold fast to it with uncompromising loyalty and obedience.

The CNBC embraces diversity and innovation. Though we will not compromise the biblical message, we recognize a creative God who uses all kinds of churches, in all kinds of places, with all kinds of people. The Lord has brought the nations to us and that diversity is reflected in the composition of the CNBC. Every Sunday, God is worshipped in the context of more than 40 people groups. More than 50 percent of CNBC churches are from people groups other than the two majority languages in Canada (English and French). Our churches reflect the diversity of our country and we embrace innovative ideas and methodologies to connect with different cultures and generations. We expect that churches will look different while holding to the same message.

The CNBC is a family of relationally connected churches. Our strength is our connectedness. Although our country is vast and spans six time zones, we have always sought to prioritize our relational networks. We know that isolation kills. It is critical for every pastor to be connected to other pastors and ministry colleagues. Their families also need to receive the support they need to function as healthy families. Our goal is that every leader is relationally networked on a regular basis with other leaders who will encourage and resource them.

God has richly blessed the CNBC. Everything we are is a result of His goodness and grace. We owe everything to Him and we exist to give Him glory.

Reprinted from the April 2019 CNBC Horizon. Read more here