Connecting: Thank you


By Gerry Taillon

The CNBC is very grateful for the sacrificial generosity of its churches. Year after year churches contribute to the Cooperative Program (CP) enabling us to increase our investments in the Kingdom of God in Canada and around the world. Again, we say THANK YOU.

The CNBC Cooperative Program contributions for 2018 have again broken the CP giving record of previous years. For the first time in our CNBC history we have received more than a million dollars through the Cooperative Program. This year’s increase is more than 100,000 dollars and works out to more than a 10 percent increase. This follows an excellent year last year and a 20-year history of increases in every year but one.

The Cooperative Program rises out of the essential historical values of the CNBC. We have always believed that every church has the responsibility and privilege to be involved with regional, national and international missions and ministries. The Great Commission commands the church to invest in the worldwide mission enterprise and the Cooperative Program provides the way to make that happen.

The Cooperative Program is the ministry and missions funding engine of the CNBC. Churches give a percentage (10 percent recommended) of their general offerings on a monthly or quarterly basis. The CNBC challenges churches to give a minimum tithe (10 percent) to missions through the Cooperative Program in the same way that we challenge our church members to give their individual tithe. Many of our churches go beyond the tithe and give up to 15 percent to the Cooperative Program to impact our world for Christ and His Kingdom.

In the following list are some of the CNBC missions and ministries impacted by the Cooperative Program:

  • Planting new churches and strengthening existing ones

  • Supporting CNBC regions

  • Helping churches with costs of evangelism projects

  • Providing financial backing for missionaries all around the world, both abroad and right here in Canada

  • Supporting Canadian Global Response, a registered charity for disaster relief, community development, and poverty alleviation

  • Publishing the CNBC Horizon, one of the most important communication tools of the CNBC

  • Encouraging and supporting ministry workers

  • Holding regional conferences on a variety of subjects (evangelism, women’s ministry, youth retreats, leadership training, etc.) as well as the CNBC Annual Convention

  • Helping to keep tuition costs at a reasonable level at the Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary & College

  • Supporting the national support staff working at the CNBC office

Again, we want to thank our churches and recognize their sacrificial generosity.

Reprinted from the February 2019 CNBC Horizon. Read more here.