Connecting: Horizon and Messenger Voting Changes


By Gerry Taillon
CNBC National Ministry Leader

The CNBC is constantly striving to maximize communications and participation with churches and their leaders. Recently we revamped our communications strategies to widen the scope of audience and take advantage of all the new social media platforms available to us in this day and age.

Update on Horizon News

From the beginnings of the CNBC, the CNBC Horizon functioned as our primary publication to tell the stories of what God is doing in our churches and to disseminate critical information to help our churches expand the Kingdom of God. In the last 35 years the Horizon highlighted countless stories of everyday Christians and how God used them to change lives. Our very competent editor Debbie Shelton collected stories from all over Canada and produced a magazine that inspired people to serve God and give Him the glory for the great things He was doing.

A number of years ago we transitioned to a digital edition of the Horizon that included videos and interesting links to all kinds of resources. We were able to reduce costs and widen the audience of our magazine, thus increasing its scope and readership. With the advent of the many social platforms it became evident to us that changes in our communications and delivery systems were warranted. To adapt to these changes, we chose to release stories and videos more often but of a shorter length. The Horizon Weekly was born which publishes an article or a video accompanied by a number of linked resources every week. This has enabled us to deliver more current stories and information while providing shorter reading or watching times to an audience that has become accustomed to that kind of media. We are also committed to deliver this content in every social media platform our people are currently using.

Convention Messenger Voting Method Changes

Another change has come as a result of our new constitution that allows us to vote and do our convention business online. This year we will receive nominations for president, vice president and 2nd vice president before our annual convention in Toronto (deadline is May 1) and voting will take place online. Any messenger can make a nomination by simply sending an email to Vonne Lewis ( with the nomination and a short paragraph on why this person should be elected. Nominations will be published after May 1 and voting will take place online from May 25 – May 29. Registered messengers will receive their ballot by email with voting credentials and instructions on how to access and complete their ballot. The ballot will also include the nominating and the credentials committee report along with the proposed budgets for the Convention, the Seminary and the Foundation.

This new online voting process will increase voting participation by allowing every messenger the opportunity to vote whether they can be physically present at the meeting or not. We will also have simultaneous telecasting of the convention general sessions so anyone who has an internet connection can view the entire event. Our hope is that our annual gathering will serve to inspire and encourage churches and leaders as they faithfully seek to advance the Kingdom of God.


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On February 19, 2020 Jim McLachlin commented:
The only problem with this is to get to know who should be a candidate across the country and when someone is nominated, how do we decide who to vote for. Granted, it makes it easy to vote and is economical but only those who are directly involved will know all the candidates.
On April 7, 2020 Jason Byers commented:
This is a good point. I wonder if Cochrane could organize a conf call for people to "meet" and hear from candidates? Or produce a video introducing them to the national churches?