Conflict within the Church Staff

By Paul Johnson

Sometimes a pastor faces conflict within the staff. How to navigate it and save the congregation being damaged? Here's what it looks like when church staff turn on each other (podcast). Tons of hurt expressed in the comments, including living in a sense of constant anxiety. Thom Rainer gives six most common reasons for staff conflicts (a podcast), with the suggestion when hiring, to pay attention to character, chemistry and competency. Christianity Today lists seven reasons, with generational differences and lack of relationships among them. In another podcast Rainer has 12 reasons for staff conflict, including bad chemistry and clear insubordination.

 A senior pastor must become proactive, whatever the conflict. Here's five tips to address the conflict, one being drill down to the source. When the pastor is personally attacked, 9 Marks offers nine lessons, including embrace suffering and interestingly, you are a bad person.