Hello everyone!                   

1) I am going to share with you the main lines of our latest adventures. One thing is certain, and that is that God is
faithful and good to us.

2) First, I would like to thank those who are praying for us in secret and who are fighting for God’s work. It is very important to me that we can be together in prayer, for without God in the center, we are nothing. I will give you specific prayer requests at the end of the letter.

3) We moved by car from British Columbia in early July. It was a long trip with a car filled with luggage. We have completed 25,000 km in one year with this trip.

4) Once we reached Quebec, we settled in Mont-St-Hilaire, into a condo we had rented in March. We started from scratch after selling almost everything before leaving.

5) Almost at the beginning, we got in touch with the small group, which was waiting for us in Chambly, and we discovered wonderful people who love the Lord. There were approximately eight people, including five young adults who have been converted in the last two years.

6) During the summer, we experienced financial turmoil, which really complicated our arrival and our settling in. Our renter in Tingwick was not paying his rent. He is not paying it any more now. Also, Hélène and I had no income. It was only in mid-August that we started receiving some income. It was a forced landing, but we saw God’s hand in this situation and we give Him the glory!

7) During the summer, we were also accepted as church planters with the Canadian National Baptist Convention (CNBC). This fellowship knows missional churches very well and supports us financially in our project. Therefore, we have left the PAOC.

8) On August 15th, we celebrated David’s 18th birthday and he took off the next day for Las Vegas in order to attend the ICLV ministerial school with Paul Goulet and his team. We are proud of him. He will return in November to help us with the church plant.

9) At the end of August, we had a day of training and introduction to the ComJésus ministry with the Chambly small group, which was a great meeting. The majority of them are interested in building with us.

10) On September 22nd, we had our first official meeting of ComJésus in Chambly. There are now 13 people coming regularly, including two newly converted young people. Hélène and I are in charge of the discipleship follow-up of six people in a one-on-one format. We are really blessed to see God’s direction in this church plant.

11) Our challenge is to keep our focus on the quality of our disciples toward quantity and not to give in to the pressure of embarking into the organizational instead of discipleship training.

12) As for Hélène, she has started teaching English to an intensive sixth grade class on a part-time basis, which is perfect for her. It allows her to assist me with the ministry.

13) Jacob is going to the Mont-St-Hilaire high school and has many academic challenges to take up. But he is glad to participate with the group and has begun participating in the army cadets.

14) As for myself, I have participated in a catholic conference geared toward parish outreach cells and was blessed to see what God has done with them through this movement. I was able to meet some of the leaders of this group, with whom I will be staying in touch. They have 70 cells in Quebec and several in France. They were inspired to start this ministry by evangelicals. Very interesting!

15) This summer, I also created a missional evaluation tool with a 100-question survey to assess 25 aspects of the missional individual and then assess the group to which he belongs.

16) I will soon be going through Sozo training with my wife, and I am also signed up for the church plant convention in Montreal, which will take place in October. I have several ideas in mind. Those who know me will not be surprised, but my priority is my intimate relationship with the Lord.

17) Here are some prayer requests:

  •    Conversion of people on the South shore
  •    Faithful, teachable and available people for the training of disciples.
  •    Help from quality workers in order to train disciples.

18) We thank you for your encouragements and prayers and know that the Lord is already at work in your surroundings. All it takes is opening your eyes to see how much he loves these people and how much he wants to free them for his glory.

19) I give the glory to God for the fact that he is already at work in our community and that he loves people passionately long before we meet them. We see his desire to reach out to them and he tells us: “As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.” John 20.21

20) You can follow me on my Facebook page or the ComJésus Facebook page. My email address is and our website address is:

Know that each of your encouragements is very appreciated. Thank you for everything!
May God accompany you on your path toward your dreams and projects!

Benoit Marcoux   
ComJésus project, Pastor