Coaching Small Group Leaders

Coaching Small Group Leaders

Questions a small group coordinator asks:
• How do I find 30/60/100-fold players [cf parable of the soils]?
• How do I recruit the right leaders when I find them?
• What does a small group coach have to do to be successful?
• Do existing small group leaders need coaching?

Intrigued? Mark Howell's answers, here, will help.

 Caring for Small Group Leaders

Leaders are scarce in any church. Small group leaders, even scarcer. It's important to value and nurture them. Here's seven things a church can do TO and FOR small group leaders:
1) Encourage them. Pay volunteers with appreciation and "you're making a difference".
2) Get to know them. Ask the right questions. Listen. Lean in.
3) Give them a sense of family. They're developing a small group into a family; treat them the same.

All seven are here, from Mark Howell, with good detail. Check them out.