CNBC Saskatchewan Event Trailer information & Policies

 CNBC Saskatchewan       
 Event Trailer Policies

To reserve trailer email:  Kim Uhren at Subject Line : Event trailer.
(please refer to #6,  #9 below for the booking procedure and more information about booking the trailer.

1. The Event Trailer is a gift to the CNBC Saskatchewan Region provided by funds from the contributing churches of the association.

2. The trailer is available for use by churches within the CNBC Saskatchewan region and the association itself. Neither the trailer nor any of its contents are available for individual or family use. The trailer is stored in the town of Allan.

3. The trailer is available on a first come/first served basis. It may be used for any event that meets one or more of the following objectives (as outlined by our National Convention Vision Statement):
• Evangelism - New Believers
• Discipleship - New Disciple Makers
• Church Planting - New Communities of Faith
• Community Ministry - Community Transformation

4. The trailer is intended to be used as a packaged resource. Equipment will not be booked separately or removed from the unit.

5. Churches using the equipment are responsible for cleaning and replacing each item in its proper place. Churches need to notify the association at once of any malfunctioning or missing equipment.

6. There is a $150 fee per event for churches using the trailer. Funds collected will go to cover the insurance, licensing and ongoing maintenance of the trailer and its contents as well as restocking popcorn.

Reservations are not secured until the fee is paid and the trailer may not be used until payment has been received.

Cheques should be made out to "Northern Lights Baptist Association" and mailed to:
Northern Lights Baptist Association
c/o Tracy Thomas - 67 Sneath Cres, Regina, S4R 5R1
Send all e-transfers to Tracy Thomas at

7. Users will exercise great care in transporting, using, and returning the trailer and its contents.. Users will be responsible for repair costs for damage to the trailer or its contents through abuse, misuse, or negligence. Likewise users will be responsible for replacement costs for any lost items.

Should there be loss or damage, an incident report should be completed and returned with the trailer.

8. Users will assure that a leader for their event has been trained in the proper use of he trailer and all its contents. The trailer will not be checked out if there is no trained leader on-site during the event.

9. The trailer should be reserved at least one month in advance of the event by emailing Please remember, your reservation is not secured until you receive confirmation.

10. The user is responsible for picking up the trailer from the storage location at Allan Baptist Church (500 princess St.) and returning it at the designated time. Please remember that others are waiting to use the trailer after you are done with it. The driver, who tows the trailer, is responsible to be currently and adequately insured for the transport of the trailer's size and weight. (aprox. 4500 lbs)

11. The trailer currently has the following items in inventory:

a. Propane BBQ grill
b. Two (2) gas generators
c. Two (2) inflatable Jump Houses
d. Sound system with microphone
e. Popcorn popper w/ popcorn kernels
f. Three (3) canopy tents
g. Four (4) folding tables
h. Ice chest
i. Water/drink cooler
j. First aid kit

12. Items the user must provide:
a. Music (e.g.: iPods, stereo system, cd's)
b. Gas for the generators
c. Propane and tanks for the BBQ

13. When using the generators, please run off all fuel before loading them back into the trailer. This Is Absolutely Important. We Do Not Want Fumes To Accumulate In The Trailer.

14. Users must follow all of the directions for each specific item regarding set-up, usage, and clean up. The greatest problem other users have had with similar equipment is failure in cleaning. Please read and follow the user manual.

15. The trailer and all its contents must be checked out and checked in. Checklists should be completed before departing the storage location and after returning to the storage location.