CNBC National Covenant with CNBC Atlantic

 This Covenant will take effect Jan 1, 2017 and be in effect for 3 years after which it will be renegotiated by both partners (CNBC National and CNBC Atlantic). 

The Branding for the association in the Atlantic Provinces will be "CNBC Atlantic". 
There will be an annual planning meeting with CNBC National and CNBC Atlantic participants to coordinate calendar, events, resources, and strategies. 
All events are co-sponsored CNBC National CNBC Atlantic 
There will be One unified giving system called the Cooperative Program. 
10% is the ideal minimum for giving to the Cooperative Program (CP) and will be the beginning point for all church plants receiving funding. Churches will be encouraged to increase their giving to CP each year to a maximum of 15%. 
The CNBC will send back 20% of total CP giving from Atlantic churches to CNBC Atlantic.  
At each year end an additional 30% of the increased CP from Atlantic churches from the previous year will be sent back to CNBC Atlantic.
That the CNBC would create a designated fund for special gifts to CNBC Atlantic which will be expended at the direction of the CNBC Atlantic board 
Database resourcing website systems and communication systems will be made available to CNBC Atlantic. 
CNBC National will develop a CNBC Atlantic edition of the CNBC Horizon. 
The nominations for the Atlantic representative to the National Leadership Board will be made in consultation with the CNBC Atlantic board. 
CNBC National and CNBC Atlantic will jointly appoint a CNBC Atlantic coordinator. The funding and job description for this regional coordinator will be negotiated together by both partners. The coordinator will be supervised by CNBC National.