Clues for a someone seeking God

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The Clues help gives a DiscipleMaker a practical way to help a Seeker investigate God. There are 10 Clues, including Design, Fine-tuning, Information, Beauty, etc.  Some samples:

1st Clue: Design. There’s such fabulous design in everything around us. The eye, for instance. Where there’s Design, there’s a DesignerDoes he have a design, a Dream, for our lives?

3rd Clue: Beauty. Why is there beauty in music and sunsets and roses and newborn babies? Is there an Artist who loves beauty, and has something beautiful planned for us? 

5th Clue: Laws. Where do laws like gravity and the strong/weak forces come from? Where do moral laws come from, like It’s never right to torture babies for fun? Is there a Lawgiver, and has he laws to govern our lives? What happens if we break his laws?

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