Church Strengthening in COVID

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has limited the ability to gather for training and discipleship, our CNBC team leaders have found creative ways to continue to offer church strengthening through online training. Specifically, they have been able to utilize technology for equipping interviews, challenging podcasts, and encouraging celebrations. 

Cesar Parra, Evangelism and Missions Team Leader, produced a serious of interviews called “Apologetics in Action.” (Videos can be found on our "GCO Resources" Page). In this three-part interview, Cesar interviews Pastor Mike Blackaby of Canvas Church Oak Bay in Victoria, BC. Pastor Mike, who has a PHD in Worldview and Apologetics from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, offers practical and helpful tips for engaging our current culture in light of Christian apologetics. His message is thought provoking, insightful, and encouraging for both pastors and church members.

By giving to the Great Commission Offering, you help provide opportunities for continued virtual training. These equipping videos help catalyze our vision of seeing every man, woman, boy and girl having multiple opportunities to see, hear and respond to the Good News of Jesus Christ.