Bertha's Story

Kathy Morales, CNBC women’s ministry leader, had an unexpected blessing at the CNBC women’s Overflowing event. She shares this story:

“Bertha’s granddaughter, Hanna, is a new believer from Connect Church; she attends my Alpha group. I invited Hanna and her mom to Overflowing. Bertha, Hanna’s grandma, came to Calgary for a few days so Hanna asked if she could bring her grandmother instead of her mom. Yes! They attended and sat in the front row of my breakout session, “Awkward to Awesome: How to take awkward and fear out of a witnessing session.”

At the end Bertha said, “I need this.” I thought she meant evangelism training. I went to lunch and we were seated together. Bertha said, “Can you tell me how I can do what you were talking about? I don’t have that.”

At that moment I realized she was talking about not having a personal relationship with God through Jesus. She told me her story of being taken to a residential school and church. She assumed all those years, that experience made her a Christian.

I shared the Gospel and she said, “I want that.”

I said “Right now?” She said, “Yes, but I don’t know how.”

I prayed with her and she said yes to Jesus.

Bertha told Kathy a few days later, “That day changed my whole life. I didn’t see it coming. I am overjoyed. I accepted the Lord. I felt the loving goodness of the people as soon as I walked into that place.”