An Update from our CNBC Missionaries, Jeff and Ring Kwok

Jeff and Ring Kwok are one of three fully funded missionary units commissioned by the Canadian National Baptist Convention (CNBC) in partnership with the International Mission Board (IMB). Because you give to the Great Commission Offering (GCO), seminary students are being trained for eternal Kingdom impact and churches are being planted all across Taiwan through Jeff and Ring’s ministry.

Check out some highlights from their most recent update:

God’s story to share

Ring has designed a three-fold assignment in order to urge her students in a missions class to reach out to non-believers. As we look back, in 2018, about 50 came to the Lord; in 2019, 276 came to the Lord with four being baptized; and in 2020, 243 came to the Lord with 55 being baptized. In the coming year, reaching out to the lost will not only be an assignment that Ring will give to her class of students, but it will become the requirement for those who are in the internship program. It means that all the MDiv students will be required to reach out to at least ten non-believers in a semester. The seminary hopes to see evangelism become a minister’s lifestyle. Please pray for the seminary’s Field Administrator to have wisdom for carrying out this new requirement!

Jeff was invited to teach an evangelism Sunday school class at Grace Baptist Church in the first quarter of the year. The last class ended up online due to COVID-19. However, the enthusiasm for reaching out has not stopped. Some students of that class have continued to reach out to non-believers. Jeff has given them more than 2,000 gospel tracts in order to help them to do evangelism. Yet, they continue to ask for more gospel tracts. A sister in that group is one of the church’s welcome team members. She reported to Jeff almost every Sunday that she led newcomers to Christ after the Sunday service. Praise the Lord!

Something to praise our Father for

  1. Praise the Father for sending us here for two full years. Though there are still a lot of places that we don’t have time to visit, we did drive around Taiwan Island once this past summer.
  2. We are thankful that the seminary has assigned six graduates to us as their post-graduation “life-time” mentor. Two other graduates also came to us. Before they moved out from the seminary, we had a great time eating together, sharing and hearing their hearts. Please remember their ministry as church pastors, church planters, and missionaries.

Something to tell our Father

It’s so good that we do not need to spend time travelling to teach any off-campus classes this year. Ring is assigned to teach eight missions classes in 2020–2021 before we take our stateside assignment in July 2021. She also has a chance to teach what she has researched for her dissertation. It is the same for Jeff; he will teach on his PhD major study after teaching on his minor study for the past two years. Both of us have new courses to teach. Please remember us in prayer as we research and write new courses.