After Baptism, what then?


We often neglect to prepare Christians for after baptism: the coming test/temptation. Jesus faced it. Our newly baptised Believers will too. This app helps a DiscipleMaker talk with Disciples to prepare them for the attacks of the evil one. Some insights:

If Jesus was tempted we will be too. When we’re aware, we can prepare. (Discuss how alluring Jesus’ temptations are. Note Satan’s cunning, exploiting weakness [eg, Jesus’ hunger]. If relevant, illustrate temptations you faced after baptism. Prepare the young disciple for similar experiences.)

The evil one determines to stop us before we start by ambushing and tripping us up. He loathes us and delights to harm us. Expect it and prepare new Disciples for it. 

Jesus didn’t face temptations alone.  He was full of the Holy Spirit and led by the Spirit. Same with us. God's Spirit is with us, indwelling us, available to help.

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