A Prayer Guide from our CNBC Missionary, Talia

Talia is one of three fully funded missionary units commissioned by the Canadian National Baptist Convention (CNBC) in partnership with the International Mission Board (IMB). Because you give to the Great Commission Offering (GCO), Talia is able to share the good news of Jesus Christ with people in South East Asia.

In a recent update, Talia shares a weekly prayer guide. For each day of the week, she suggests specific prayer requests. We encourage you to commit to praying for Talia over the next few weeks.  

Sunday: National Partners

  1. Pray for churches in my city, state and country.
  2. Pray for my Pastor.
  3. Pray for more partnerships and training for our local team.

Monday: Language and our Business

  1. Pray for our ESL Business.
    1. There is currently one staff member who is a believer and 3 who are not.
    2. Pray for more students to join our classes.
    3. Pray for wisdom for our management.
  2. Pray for the development of my language skills. Pray for proficiency and continual growth.

Tuesday: Unreached People in my State

  1. Pray for districts in my state that currently have no gospel presence.
  2. Pray for the 3 major unreached people groups in my country with little or no gospel presence.

Wednesday: Muslim neighbours

  1. Pray for the 200 million Muslim neighbours in my country. Ask the Lord to soften this hard field. Pray that more believers develop a burden to reach our Muslim neighbours.
  2. Pray for the Muslim individuals and families I have been able to form relationships with.

Thursday: Hindu Neighbours

  1. Pray for the 1.5 million Hindu neighbours in my city.
  2. Pray for the Hindu individuals and families I have been able to form relationships with.

Friday: My Team

  1. Pray for my supervisors and other team members. My team is my supervisors, 2 families, 3 guys and me.
  2. Pray that we would abide in Christ. Pray for team unity, wisdom as we minister, boldness, humility, and faithfulness.

Saturday: Evangelism, Discipleship and Follow Up

  1. Pray for opportunities to open for us to share and softened hearts of our neighbours.
  2. Pray for fruit, obedience and growth with those we are discipling.