2019 Annual Convention Business and Reports


Team Reports

National Ministry Leader Report

Church Strengthening Team Report

Missions and Evangelism Team Report

Church Planting Team Report

Women's Ministries Team Report

Regional Ministries Team Report


CNBC Annual Convention Business Session 2019

Preamble to the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 (proposed)

New CNBC Constitution (proposed)

Ministry Focus Agenda 2019

Nominating Committee Report

Credentials Committee Report


CNBC Contributions and Offerings

CNBC Cooperative Program & Special Offerings Report 2018

Cooperative Giving April 2019


CNBC Budget and Financial Statement

CNBC Budget 2020

CNBC Financial Statements 2018


CNBC Foundation Budget and Financial Statement

CNBC Foundation Report

CNBC Foundation Budget 2020

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Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary & College (CSBS&C)

CSBS&C President's Report

CSBS&C Operating Budget Summary

CSBS&C Financial Statements 2018