'MORE' Women's Conference in Burnaby, BC

On November 2, CNBC Women, in partnership with Platform 320 and WestCoast Baptist Association, hosted the second annual MORE Conference. The gather, intended for women of all stages and ages, was held at the Holiday Inn Express Metrotown in Burnaby, Vancouver.

With attendance over double from the year before, the conference planning team anticipated big things. 

The focus of the day was centered on Ephesians 3:20-21—believing that God would do immeasurably MORE than we could ever think or imagine. The conference consisted of two main challenging breakout sessions, worship, encouraging breakout sessions, lunch and a craft project.

Below is one woman’s reflection on the day.

By Brindley Taylor

It was early on a Saturday morning. Well, at least it was for me since I work with university students who seem to be most willing to talk late into the night. Most Saturday mornings do not start until after 10am and a cup of coffee. However, I was excited about this Saturday morning. I was expecting God to do something.

I picked up my friends and we headed east to Metrotown. During the 40-minutes drive from campus to the Holiday Inn, my two friends chatted about their expectations for the day. Since two of us had attended the same women’s conference last year, we were excited to share it with another friend. I remember how encouraging it had been to my homesick heart to meet fellow Texan ladies who graciously came to lead the conference sessions. 

In the elevator up to the conference rooms of the hotel, I asked God to encourage and speak to me and my sisters gathered that day. We found three empty seats at a round table near the front and joined in the worship led by two women of similar age. I was very aware of God’s presence in the room as we sang out hearts out.

I found myself reflecting on the season of ministry I was in. I noticed how much had changed in my heart and circumstances since I stood in the same conference hall a year prior. There had been so much change, joy and grief in the last year in life and ministry in Vancouver.

Part of the reality of church planting on a university campus means constant “turnover” with groups of students, other students graduate and move away, schedules and outreach tactics change, people change and meeting locations change. As at enrollment of 58,000 students, only one percent claim to be Christian. We are praying and expecting God to change that too.

I rejoiced at the opportunity to be surrounded by over 100 women who understood the highs and lows of ministry here in the Pacific Northwest. In the room, there were women who all have unique stories, experiences, languages and backgrounds. But we all had one thing in common: each one is on a journey with Jesus. How gracious of the Lord to use my sisters as a reminder that we are all in this Kingdom work together!

Reprinted from the CNBC Horizon- December 2019

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