Église Baptiste Bellevue Salem of Canada

 History of the foundation of my assembly: Église Baptiste Bellevue Salem of Canada.

Since my arrival here in Canada as a permanent resident, my family and I were constantly in prayer that God would direct us somewhere to do His work. We felt a great need to evangelize the city of Ottawa-Gatineau's strong African-Haitian population. I work with the assistance of several faithful people who help organize meetings of prayer, preaching and evangelism which, to date, has had brilliant success.

Considering the growing number of the active followers of which, 25 are adults and 15 children, I took steps to apply to the Québécois authorities for the establishment of a church in the town of Gatineau. At the beginning, we all met at a home, in a waiting room on August 5, 2013. Today, by the grace of God, we have our own room located at 74 boulevard Greber, Gatineau J8T 3P8 and we are officially recognized by the registrar of the companies of Quebec.

Conscious of this large and noble evangelic mission to spread the Name of Christ, I chose within the framework of prayer and a meeting with the members of the committee of which their names Pastor Yvon Balan, Sister Kéthia Benjamin and Sister Yolène Alténor to baptize the church with the name of “Église Baptiste Bellevue Salem of Canada.”

Thus, our prayer for the next ten years is to evangelize more than 5000 people and to establish more than five churches according to the grace of God. For that, please pray for us, that God allows us to answer these prayers and other visions.

God bless you abundantly!
Pastor Job Lorminé