The Believer Stage includes those who have come to believe in God and choose to believe in Jesus. The Stage gives resources for a DiscipleMaker to help a person trust in Christ and start growing as a new Christian.


Articles and Videos

Knowing the Spirit Part 1
Knowing the Spirit Part 2
Knowing the Spirit Part 3
Repent (and Believe) Pt 1
(Repent)and Believe Pt 2
Confirming Salvation
Having a Childlike Spirit
Confess Sin
Hungry to be Fed
Wondering at Adoption
Video: Believer intro
Bible Pt 1: Inspiration
Bible Pt 2: Getting Started
Discovering Prayer
The Big Story
Doing Life Together: the Church
Enjoy Forgiveness
God is Trinity Pt 1
God is Trinity Pt 2
Identity Part 1
Identity Part 2
Self Examination for Lord's Supper