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Mailing List Description Subscribed
CNBC Horizon Digital Edition The digital CNBC Horizon is online and available for download
CNBC Quebec This is a communication tool to let all our CNBC churches know about events, conferences and keeping them updated with all church planting news in Quebec.
d.lines D.Lines is an electronic publication that the CNBC uses to publicize events and news blasts that are of interest to people and leaders who wish be current with CNBC activities and concerns. If you subscribe to this you will receive a maximum of one email per week.
d.videos An email that highlights interesting videos to help churches and leaders in training, equipping, and announcing special events.
dandy.lines Dandy.Lines is a newsletter published electronically by the CNBC to inform our constituents and people interested in the CNBC about CNBC events, activities, concerns and news. If you are subscribed to this email list you will receive a maximum of one email per month.
L'Horizon CNBC version française numérique L'Horizon CNBC version française est en ligne et disponible pour le téléchargement
Prayer.Lines CNBC prayer alerts
Youth Update This is youth newsletter that updates youth and youth workers on youth events, resources, and happenings.